Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pir sial lajpal sarkar

Hazrat Khawaja Shams-ud-din Sialvi

He was born in 1799 AD (1214 AH). He was born of a very religious family.Later on, he became famous as Shams al-‘Arifin(the sun of the gnostics, i.e. those who possess true knowledge of Allah).He is Alwi by geneology, being a descendant of the fourth Khalifah Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib.The most important of his journeys was to Taunsa Sharif (Distt. Dera Ghazi Khan), where he became a devotees (Mureed, Devoted follower) of Hazrat Khawja Shah Suleiman Taunsvi.He went to Mecca twice to perform pilgrimage (Hajj).He established an institute for religious education. He himself used to teach there. Some of his students went to become known Islamic scholars in the subcontinent. Miraat Ul Ashqeen is famous book based on his sayings and unique thoughts. After his death his son Khawja Allama Muhammad Ud Din Sialvi was granted "Khilafat" by Peer Pathan of Tonsa Sharif. As a "Sajada Nasheen" he fulfilled all his duties and did his best in serving Islam. He was a torch bearer of "Khandan e Chisht".

Hazrat Khawja Shams-ud-din Sialvi passes away on 24th of Safar 1300 A.H (4 January 1883 AD).Sial Sharif is a famous village in the Sargodha District of Punjab, Pakistan. It is located in Sahiwal Tehsil and lies 48km (30 miles) away from the city of Sargodha, about midway on the Sargodha-Jhang road. Its population amounts to about 1,100 people (1998)

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